Housing Developments

Apple Lake Estates

Apple Lake Estates is located 1 1/2 miles west of Cortland on Apple Road. It was established in 2004 by Paul and Carol Meints. After farming the land for several years, the Meints family decided to turn the land into a housing development. They came to this decision for two reasons: first, so there would be a place for them to retire; and second, so Paul Meints Construction would have a place to build custom houses.

The Meints' had to jump through several hoops in order to get their dream to come true but, in the end, feel it was all worth it. They have created a nice environment for the six families who currently reside there.

Apple Lake Estates has 11 lots, ranging in size from 3 to 5 acres each. Three lots are currently available for sale. Homeowners have access to a 20-acre private lake stocked with fish.

For more information about the development or to see a copy of the covenants, contact Paul and Carol Meints at (402) 798-7607 or cell phone (402) 239-0738.

Deer Haven

Deer Haven is located in rural Cortland. Directions from Cortland: 3 miles south on Hwy 77, .3 miles east on Hwy 41, south 1 mile on 12th Road. The development is split around the lake with some homes on Whitetail Lane and others on Buck Road. There are 16 lots ranging from 3-6 acres each and a 22 acre lake for residents use only. All lots are currently sold.

Deer Haven Homeowners Association

  • Brian Young, President
  • Rachel Krupicka, Secretary
  • Heather Sejkora, Treasurer

For more information about the development, contact the President at (402) 806-2383.