The Village Museum

Cortland, NE 68331

One of Cortland's original buildings built in 1884 was purchased on March 18, 1994 with the idea of starting a museum. Renovations started on July 2, 1999 with three rooms out of ten finished for the Grand Opening on July 5, 2003. Most everything displayed at the present time is from the Cortland vicinity. Work has begun on the last three rooms on the first floor which will be a kitchen, bathroom and a larger room for a library. The library will have old books and books that can be checked out, as well as an area to view the 45+ three-inch binders of Cortland history and pictures. These renovations are being made partly by donations received.

There are two history books available for sale through the museum. The first one, Cortland, Nebraska 1883-1983, was published in 1983 for their 100th Anniversary which consists mostly of history and pictures. The second one, Cortland, Nebraska 1883-2008 Vol. II, Our Quasquicentennial Year, was published in 2008 for their 125th Anniversary which continues the history after 1983 but also includes family history of people who lived in the Cortland area from its early days to the present.

The museum is open during Cortland Fest and by appointment. For more information about the museum or to purchase a history book, please email Lila Papke at the link below.