The Ex Factor Guide through Brad Browning Reviews November 2023

Losing the affection of your existence is tough. It leaves a extensive vacancy for your soul. It almost feels like dropping a limb.

You lengthy for them, and feel them in your lifestyles, however they aren’t. They are your phantom limb.

And even though they are sincerely nevertheless alive and current, it feels nearly as if they died.

So within the midst of this emotional curler coaster, you go browsing to are seeking for assist… to peer when you have desire… to heal your ache… and sense much less pressured.

Since you’re right here, it way you already heard about the “Ex Factor” Guide by using Brad Browning… which happens to be the maximum famous on-line application that has helped people effectively get their ex again.

Next, you want to understand extra approximately this Ex Factor. You need to recognize extra details of what’s inside… or if the program will assist your particular state of affairs… that’s the way you ended up right here reading this assessment page that I wrote.

So now I’m going to offer you a detailed evaluate of the Ex Factor Guide via Brad Browning… so that you are aware of it’s right for you.

First Things First…

Upfront I’m going to mention that there truly is not any one hundred% assure that you may get your ex again. No application magically constantly works, because you’re dealing with a real person with unfastened will.

The one issue you do have is accept as true with which you are doing the whole thing you can do to get them again.

Because the satisfactory you could do is be on the direction that MAXIMIZES your probabilities… and on the same time have a plan to heal and move on in case you don’t get your ex again.

And, as you’ll quickly find out, this system comes with a 60 day cash-again guarantee. So if it doesn’t give you the results you want, the program is threat-free and you have not anything to lose due to the fact you’ll get a reimbursement.

What is the Ex Factor Guide?

The Ex Factor suggests you the way to get your ex returned after they’re those who ended the connection.

It claims a achievement rate of round ninety% if you observe the commands precisely.

Something the ebook may not speak approximately is whether or not or now not you SHOULD get again collectively with your ex, and if it’s your first-class pastimes to accomplish that.

It’s up to you to determine in case you really want your ex again.

See, it’s pretty common to be an emotional destroy and simply want your ex back due to the fact you want to sense that comfort.

If you feel that they complete you, then it’s natural to sense empty without them throughout this distancing length.

But cost yourself, investigate the future, and ask if this individual is proper for you, and if they deserve your strength and attention. Don’t positioned them on a pedestal.

Then if you decide you genuinely love them and you still want to attempt to get them returned, keep studying.

Who is Brad Browning?

  • Brad Browning is the author of the “Ex Factor Guide”
  • Specializes in divorce and breakups
  • Has helped thousands of people with their split issues throughout the beyond 10 years

What’s Inside the Ex Factor Guide?

You will get

  • The Ex Factor Guide eBook (220 pages)
  • 5-hour audiobook.
  • 3 Pro Series movies

Next, you’ll additionally get bonuses.


  • three “NLP” exercise films that run for 17 mins 30 seconds. The videos are PowerPoint displays by using a man named Ricky, who is Brad’s assistant.Each video runs you through a specific Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) workout… every designed to help you get over your ex. In one exercising, he tells you no longer to photograph your ex right earlier than main you through a visualization method.

The next objects within the bonus basket depend if you’re a person or a female.

If you are a man:

  • “Seven Steps to Sex Appeal” with the aid of Mark Belmont
  • “10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction” by way of Derek Lamont

If you’re a girl:

  • “Seven Steps to Sex Appeal” with the aid of Mark Belmont
  • “Text the Love Back”

The Ex Factor eBook, Chapter By Chapter

You are going via a heartbreak and this eBook can probably assist together with your love disaster.

So right here’s a closer search for you to look, so you are aware of it’s right for you…

Chapter 1

  • Brad Browning discusses why he created the “Ex Factor”
  • How Brad can assist with your modern-day love disaster
  • The most important cause maximum breakups occur and the way to analyze the motive to your precise breakup

Chapter 2

  • The foremost attractive traits that hold the appeal of your associate

Chapter 3

  • 1 unattractive trait you must watch out for, that turns your companion off and leads to a surprise breakup

Chapter 4

  • Break up short reference: When your boyfriend or lady friend says they’re breaking apart with you, this bankruptcy tells you precisely what to do and say so you don’t turn them off even similarly… which could screw up your possibilities of ever getting them again.

Chapter 5

  • A clear approach to put in force after a breakup, to get your ex returned.
  • In particular, Browning recommends a 31-day “no touch” length that kicks off your plan of getting your ex again.
  • This consists of spending time with different humans and precise approaches to stay “sane” for the duration of a protracted no contact length in which you feel high uncertainty.

Chapter 6

  • A particular method that encourages you to begin courting different human beings
  • Dating different human beings now not simplest is the first-class manner of “transferring on” and but has helped ratings of humans get their ex returned
  • Research has proven that if your accomplice is very in all likelihood to come back to you if they recognize you are courting someone new
  • Brad teaches you 1 component to say that hints in your ex that you’re seeing someone else… with out seeming such as you’re seeking to cause them to jealous
  • That manner you perception jealousy as a manner to make your ex pass over you, however with out being too apparent

Chapter 7

  • What to do in case your ex suddenly texts you in the course of no touch

Chapter 8

  • What to do in case your ex does NOT touch you even after the no contact length

Chapter 9

  • What to do if you and your ex begin speakme again
  • How to re-ignite the connection through a strong date
  • Tips on a way to have the fine viable date that ends in you getting your ex lower back

Chapter 10

  • How to provide your self undoubtedly in case you want to get the relationship again.
  • How to get your ex again when you begin relationship once more.


Pros and Cons


  • The Ex Factor facilitates you heal and get lower back on your feet after your breakup.
  • It shows you the way to avoid the needy impulsive mistakes that turn your ex off absolutely…
  • Then it affords you a confirmed step-via-step plan you can take to re-entice again your ex.
  • You get assist from Brad Browning, who calls himself a “dating geek”, and who has helped hundreds of people get their ex back.
  • So you could believe which you are doing the excellent you could to win lower back the love of your existence
  • Also, anticipate Brad to speak to you (thru the eBook) in an sincere and personal manner like a friend could.
  • 60-day cash again guarantee. You don’t need to worry about losing money on some thing unsure. If you want it, terrific. If you don’t like it, or didn’t get a end result you wanted, or something reason… you could constantly ask for money back.


The Ex Factor doesn’t talk approximately whether or not or no longer it’s an amazing idea to get again together with your ex.

Ultimately, it’s as much as you to decide if it’s for your best interest to do so.

See, as you navigate through this cloud of emotions right now, it’s clean to just want your ex again to experience snug and verified.

You sense that they whole you, so certainly, you experience empty with out them all through this long “no contact” period.

But positioned your self inside the decider role. Ask yourself if getting your ex lower back is a great long time decision.

Ask yourself in the event that they dealt with you proper, and in the event that they deserve you…

…or if it’s first-rate to move on and locate someone else who’s higher (or maybe live single for a while).

Don’t positioned your ex on a pedestal. Put yourself up there rather.

Then if you turn out to be deciding you virtually love them, they deserve you, and also you want them back…