Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training program Review- Is This The Best Vertical Jump Program?

Have you ever notion about what it would be like to the touch rim?

How approximately dunk?

And I’m not speakme about a occasionally component, I mean all the time.

Maybe you’ve already gone through a few vertical soar applications that have given you little to no results, but I’ll guess you haven’t attempted Vert Shock.

I’m sure you’ve probable heard of this program, and in case you’re anything like me when I first got here across it, you in all likelihood have a couple of questions.

What is Vert Shock Pro? Does this software work? Is it unfastened?

Well, on this Vert Shock assessment, I’m going to lay out all you need to recognise approximately this soar application and how it is able to significantly accelerate your development from novice to expert slammer.

The Vert Shock ProgramSummary:

Vert Shock is a software designed to boom your vertical via as lots as 15 inches in as low as eight weeks. It does so via focusing on plyometric and bodyweight sporting activities that focus on and engage the legs and middle. The software is divided into 3 phases and materials worksheets that lay out the workout sessions for each week, in addition to fantastic movies that show the way to perform each exercise.

If I had to describe this system in one word, I’d say: effective. Everything is simple to comply with, and the program receives results short!


  • The application takes simply months to complete, and you typically start seeing outcomes about 1/2 manner in. That’s rapid!
  • No weight training sporting events within the base application. That manner no equipment and no health club wanted.
  • Everything is simple to understand and follow and the structure of the program is extremely simple.
  • There’s quite a few variety in relation to the exercises which leaves you nicely rounded and lean by the end.
  • More direction content material is to be had, and resources are provided together with a video library and extra.


  • People who’re harm-prone or over the age of 30 might discover it tough to maintain up with the program.
  • Background info at the science in the back of every workout is truly lacking.

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Vert Shock Review

My Vert Shock Review: I found Vert Shock to be an extraordinary addition to my exercise habitual. I traditionally consciousness on electricity and endurance and have continually observed my vertical soar height to be some thing that wanted a few paintings.

Vert Shock helped enhance my vertical bounce top giving me a little over eight more inches of brought air area among my toes and the floor. That took my leap height from what is considered average (about sixteen inches) to 24.

And for me, that changed into well well worth the money and time investment. I feel much more rounded athletically, and I trust you will too.

Let’s get into the info to make certain this vertical soar training program suits the invoice for you.

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What is Vert Shock?

Vert Shock is an extreme eight-week education software in order to assist boom vertical bounce peak by way of 9-15+ inches. It works for ladies and men and is beneficial to all of us how wants to step up their recreation irrespective of which recreation they play. 

The Vert Shock application uses excessive-intensity plyometrics and an unorthodox method to reap notable consequences fast. You can see outcomes within the first few days of running out.

Some human beings may find this a large claim, but the system developers and users have additionally executed that.      

About Vert Shock creators:

Vert Shock was created by way of Adam Folker, a pro basketball participant in collaboration with Justin’ Jus Fly’ Darlington, one of the global’s highest dunkers. Justin is the primary sponsor of this system and additionally a legend within the dunking world. 

This exercise program enabled him to increase his vertical jumps to 50″ and promises it would paintings wonders for others. The creators assure the effects of this machine are easy to replicate for almost each person.

It is going without saying: you need to placed within the dedication and attempt to maximise your effects. The extremely good element is this application quickens your performance. So stick with the plan, and you may improve your vertical soar quicker than you might assume.


  • User-friendly and easy program.
  • Training periods are easy to exercise and observe.
  • Has splendid sound and video pleasant. 
  • Access training on-line from any tool. No need to go to the health club – can practice at home. 
  • Increases your soar top without any gadget or weight lifting. 


  • It gained’t assist an awful lot if you are already leaping high, over 36 inches.
  • Extra go-promoting to other products confuses the shopping for technique. 

Who Is Vert Shock For?

I noted that in case you have already got a high vertical jump, you gained’t advantage as a great deal as the ones underneath 36. But, in case you need to maximise, then cross for it. If you’ve got a vertical bounce of fewer than 36 inches or less, you’re positive to advantage from this program.

Anyone who wants to up their sport in relation to basketball need to truely get into this application. People inquisitive about all sorts of aggressive sports activities will need to keep in mind this, too, due to the fact a excessive vertical bounce will improve your talents.

This table measures vertical leap peak for men and women. This is an typical average and does not think about age or some thing like that. I just wanted to give you an outline of wherein you is probably now associated with where you need to head. Vert Shock will take you there.

Obviously, consequences range and rely on the effort you positioned into it. I’ve protected a few application user results and movies afterward this newsletter. For now, in case you understand your jump height, that is where you rank.

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Who Shouldn’t Buy Vert Shock?

If you have got a prior injury, it’s miles well really worth it slow to seek advice from your physician before starting Vert Shock. 

But permit me say this: Vert Shock is designed to train the way you play. If you are already gambling a recreation, this software isn’t always going to purpose you any damage.

Vert Shock Features And Benefits 

Vert Shock application consists of three degrees: Pre-Shock, Shock, and Post-Shock. The software lasts a complete of 8 weeks. Let’s talk out what you could assume from each.L

Pre-Shock Phase: 

The Pre-shock phase lasts for 7 days and is wherein you’ll essentially heat up to the new workout routines and get your self geared up for the subsequent 2 levels ahead. Some might locate the brand new sporting activities tough to get used to, however it’s now not any extra tough than simply gambling a choose-up recreation, really.

You best workout four of the 7 days on this section, and at half-hour consistent with consultation, it become pretty clean to get used to the new motion patterns and push my limits.

It was critical to training session the desired range of days in every section. Also, take the rest when the time table requires it. Keep your frame in check, and don’t overload it. The upcoming degrees are more stressful.

Most folks that take part within the pre-surprise stage can improve their soar through around three inches. That’s right approximately where I changed into at the end of this phase.

Shock Phase: 

The Shock stage is the second one segment that lasts for six weeks. Here it’s crucial to work out four to six days per week. The workouts last 40 mins right here, up 10 mins from the Pre-Shock section.

This is where the magic occurs, as they are saying.

The callisthenic and plyometric workout routines, with a mix of sprinting, push you difficult. 

By the give up of this stage, I could see and sense the boom of my vertical jump. I brought another increase of eight greater inches to my vertical soar. This put me in at a strong eleven-inch improvement since the application begin. 

I couldn’t bounce worth a damn. So for me, I am pretty glad coming out of this stage.

Post-Shock Phase:

The final Post-Shock Phase is the final week of the Vert Shock exercise software. Here I became able to engage in extraordinarily intense training sessions, with just someday for resting. The preceding level will prepare you for this.

This degree is in particular to enhance and spark off the muscle reminiscence received all through the shock segment. 

My body by way of now have become extra acquainted with each exercise I practiced inside the shock stage and could react as had to enhance greater.

During this week, I examined my vertical bounce ability and could hold a consistent bounce height. I squeezed about 1 more inch out of it via the quit for a total gain of 12 inches to my vertical jump.


Once I completed the Vert Shock education software for two months, I entered the upkeep phase. This segment includes 3 extraordinary maintenance workout routines that I can exchange and do once every week. The purpose of this renovation phase is to make certain gains are not misplaced.

It’s crucial to do this. I don’t assume you’ll degrade to zero if you don’t, but it is like anything you want to be appropriate at. If you don’t maintain it up, you gained’t constantly be at your top performance.

Benefits Of Using Vert Shock:

A key benefit of choosing this education program is I do not should go to a fitness center or get high-priced fitness system. I can educate in which I want my very own time agenda (preserve to the plan, though!). 

Also, Vert Shock is straightforward to follow because it comes with movies that give specified factors. The demonstrations in these motion pictures helped keep right shape and technique in region and maximize my results.

Presentation Quality:

The presentation great of the schooling practise videos is tons better when compared with the other opposite numbers. Though a number of the motion pictures might be slightly older, it’s greater up-to-date than the cheap competition. The latter have previous films updated 10 years again. 

Mobile friendly:

To make the training extra straightforward, the creators have evolved a mobile-accessible Vert Shock application choice. This is amazing as I may want to deliver the films and workout facts with me anywhere I cross. 

I don’t always ought to stay at home continually to observe the sporting activities. Even once I’m on the health club, I can use my telephone to get admission to and do the training program. 

Workout Variety:

Though Vert Shock is especially known for growing the vertical leap peak, it has extra to provide than just jumping. The sort of education periods and workout routines move beyond just improving vertical jump. It’s a total exercise package to help you shed pounds and build a strong lean physique.

How Much Does Vert Shock Cost? 

The Vert Shock application expenses $138. However, I’ve been able to stable a cope with the publisher to provide readers of this article a 50% bargain. The program value is $67 for all and sundry who buys through my hyperlink.

Guess what! There aren’t any strings attached. The software has a stable 60-day cash-returned assure. 

Vert Shock Results: 

I went from a piss terrible capacity to jump to be very aggressive with human beings in my peak variety. I can without problems outjump all but the tallest of my pals with the added 12 inches of basic soar peak. I am now not on my own in this.

There are many testimonials obtainable detailing the notable results humans have had.

Here are a few from the reliable Vert Shock Website. This is the excellent supply due to the fact there are such a lot of written and video testimonials of actual effects.

Be sure to check their internet site here for written and video testimonials. There are A LOT of them.

Vert Shock In A Nutshell 

If you’re severely committed to growing your vertical bounce abilties top appreciably, then Vert Shock is for you. It’s one of the handiest vertical soar education applications that you’ll find online nowadays and without difficulty outperforms the opposition in fee and consequences.

Expect to at least one-up the opposition in only some days and benefit manage of the game in only a few weeks. Just believe how that dunk will look while you tower over the competition, irrespective of their top or talent.

It’s on you, even though; you are in the motive force’s seat right here. Click here to get Vert Shock and take your game to the pinnacle now. Don’t pass over out at the 50% discount.

Vert Shock FAQ

How Much Is Vert Shock?

Vert Shock is commonly $138 however if you could take gain of the discount we’ve secured for you. Buying through one of our links cuts the entire software price to just $sixty seven.

Can Men And Women Benefit From Vert Shock?

Of course! The program will help improve vertical soar for each women and men.

What If I need a Refund?

The software creators have a 60-day cash lower back refund policy so you can buy in self belief.

How Much Can I Really Improve My Vertical Jump?

Users of the program have improved 9-15 inches. Check out the Vert Shock website for heaps of testimonials.

Do I Need Special Equipment?

No. There isn’t any unique gadget needed. You can train nearly anywhere considering the fact that all of the path workouts can be accessed from any cellular device.

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